Dirkjan Bussink

EngineYard Is a Customer

I’m happy to announce that I can welcome EngineYard as a customer of CriticalCodes to work on Rubinius. They have been very supporting of Rubinius and the Ruby eco-system in general for years and I’m happy they continue to do so.

One of the main focus points will be working on performance, so Rubinius can be used by EngineYard customers, but of course also by the general Ruby community as a platform for running their Ruby apps. With Rubinius we want to provide a drop-in replacement for MRI, with additional features such as a JIT compiler, generational garbage collection and true concurrency to give you a better Ruby runtime.

For a little taste on what for example we’ve been dicussing to work on, see this blog post on the Rubinius blog!