Dirkjan Bussink

Do you need help with how your application performs and whether it’s secure? CriticalCodes has experience with how to optimize performance for your web application and specializes in Ruby and Rails. I also have experience with how to make sure your application is safe and secure to prevent security breaches and make sure your customer’s data is safe.

Performance optimization

Certain pages are slow? Things break down under load? You can hire CriticalCodes to help you out here. Proper metrics from benchmarks and profiling will give us the knowledge on how to make your application fast again.

Security audit

Interested whether you’re missing something obvious? Are you properly storing passwords? Don’t expose yourself to SQL injection or cross site scripting? Do things like message signing and authentication? CriticalCodes can go through your application with you and check for issues like these and how to fix them.


Need some additional hands on your project developing a new application? CriticalCodes has experience with technologies such as Ruby on Rails, but also doesn’t shy away from projects using other languages and technologies.

Interested in whether I can help you improving your software and servicing your customers better? Contact me at